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Broad Brook CT Locksmith Store Broad Brook, CT 860-294-4443It so happens that anyone can come across situations such as broken car keys or snapped home lock keys. Those who have faced any of these hardships would exactly understand how infuriating or annoying they are. This calls for effective and quick broken key extraction service. Keys snapping or breaking may occur due to several reasons, a few of which have been described below:

  • Damaged Lock: When locks gets damaged, they tend to get jammed during their operation, thus damaging and leading to breaking of the key as well
  • Old and worn out key: When keys are being used continuously for several years, natural wear and tear may cause them to give in
  • Cheap quality keys: It is quite possible for keys that are made out of inferior or thin material to break
  • Unfinished keys: Manufacturing mistakes and improper key cutting may lead to breakage.

Reasons may be different, but when you are stuck with a broken key, you will need immediate assistance form broken key extraction experts who can not only extract your broken key but also ensure that neither the lock nor the door is being damaged in any manner during the process. Broad Brook CT Locksmith Store provides 24/7 lock and key service to the Broad Brook, CT community. Our experts offer efficient key extraction support related to all types of residential, commercial, or automotive locks.

Car key extraction

The difficulty arising out of having a broken key in a car lock is beyond description. It requires first extracting the key and then fixing a new key or changing the lock altogether. This makes it essential to employ an expert who will be capable of doing both quickly and effectively. Broad Brook CT Locksmith Store technicians are skilled in car key extraction as well as making new keys as required. We assure that your problem is resolved completely in all respects.

Residential and Commercial key extraction

In the case of broken key extraction involved in offices or home, amateur or unprofessional locksmiths do not care to skilfully fish the broken key part out; they rather remove the entire lock and go in for replacing it with a brand new one. Drilling involved in such operations may cause damage to door and other fittings. Broad Brook CT Locksmith Store professionals ensure extraction without inflicting damage to any part.

For any type of key-related assistance, you may dial 860-294-4443 and avail our instant service!